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NOTE: The faces of participants under 18 years of age have been removed for their protection.
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The Lincoln Pilgrimage / Lincoln Shrine Open House February 9, 2019

"Walking on LEGOs" in La Quinta, CA March 31, 2019
A fundraising event for Children's Services of the Desert,
which provides speech and language therapy for children in the Coachella Valley.
TIELUG's Group Photo for the event.
It was pretty warm outside in the desert sun.
  "The Burden of the Mask" MOC
by new member Travis.
  What you see when you look
inside the box.

Beatles Album Cover MOCS
by TIELUG member Gwynth.
  People were fascinated by the
Beatles Album Cover MOCS
  TIELUG members worked to win the Box Build
Game ‒ building a set without directions.

Seriously, kids were walking
on LEGO®!  (Ouch!)
  Civil War Battle MOC by
TIELUG wife and husband team
Suzy and Lance.
  TIELUG members paired off for the "Yell
and Scream" Game ‒ where one person had
the directions and the other had the parts.

A giant minifigure posed for
photos with kids and their parents.
  A TIELUG member sat by her husband
John's Space Coaster MOC.
  Who is the fastest builder?   TIELUG
members raced to win the Speed Build Contest.

Calif. Inland Empire Council Adventure Weekend September 29, 2019
at Glen Helen Regional Park.
The TIELUG Booth was 600 square feet this year.   Some LUG members proudly display their MOCS.   A LUG member helps Scouts find
pieces in the Play Brick Area.

A TIELUG member handed out Find Ems Lists
and pencils.
  Everyone loved searching for the hidden items
in the Scout Camp with the Find Ems List.
  Here's an artistic shot of the Handicraft Area
by LUG member Travis!

Lance and Suzy celebrated their 40th anniversary ‐
LEGO® Style ‐ with these MOCS!
  Suzy shows off the " Minifigure® Hands" that
she and Lance wore for their anniversary.
  TIELUG Members at Adventure Weekend.
Not pictured: Dean, Nick, Stacey, John,and Cara.

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