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What is a LUG Event?
A LUG event is when TIELUG attends an event in our community.
We attend at least three events each year.

What does TIELUG do at these events?
We attend local events to display our MOCS, (My Own Creations),
and to talk and answer questions about our LEGO® hobby with the public.
At these events, we set up a play area to encourage the public to exercise their creativity
by making MOCS of their own, which we display for the rest of the event.

What kind of events does TIELUG attend?
TIELUG has three major events which we have attened for the past few years:

The first one is the “Lincoln Pilgrimage” and “Lincoln Shrine Open House”,
which is held every February in Redlands, in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
The theme is the Civil War Era, and anything related to Abraham Lincoln.
TIELUG has attended this event every year since 2015.

Next, we have attended the “Star Wars Reads Day” in Rancho Cucamonga. which is held in May
each year.  At this event, we display our favorite Star Wars MOCS and sets.
We have attended this event since 2016.

Our third major event each year is the “Adventure Weekend”, put on by the local council
of The Boy Scouts of America®, the Calif. Inland Empire Council.  At this event,
we bring a Pinewood Derby™ track. The children build cars and race them on the track.
We display Scout™ and other youth oriented MOCS at the event, which happens every September.
TIELUG has been attending this event every year since 2015, and it is the largest event we attend.

This year, we are adding an event called “Sensory Sunday” which takes place at our new
meeting location, Just Play Indoor Adventure Park, in Fontana, Calif.   This event is
centered around children with disabilities and their families.  This year, we
will be attending the December event, but Sensory Sunday is held at Just Play on the
second Sunday every month .  Next year we plan to attend the event earlier in the year.

Other Events
In addition to our three “Main Events”, TIELUG also joins other Southern Calif. LUGS
at some of their events.  In May 2017, we joined OCLUG for Fullerton Railroad Days.
We often join LUGOLA for an event at The Autry Museum in Los Angeles, too.

Many of our members attend local conventions and other “Brick” gatherings as well, such as
BricksLA‐‐the Scouthern California AFOL convention, which is held in Pasadena every year in January;
and Brick Fest LIVE!‐‐a hands on event for children which is held every August, also in Pasadena, Calif.

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