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Who can join TIELUG?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old* and who loves to build with LEGO®, who wants
to meet other people who also love to build, who wants to learn new and better building
techniques, and who is willing to share his/her skills with others, is welcome to join.

*Builders at least 14 years old may join if their parents also join and attend meetings with them.

What does it cost to join TIELUG?
There is a one time $ 10.00 registration fee to join TIELUG, which covers the entire family.
Members should also plan to purchase a TIELUG t‐shirt for each family member to wear
at our events.  There are currently no monthly dues.

What do I have to do to join TIELUG?
It is easy to join.  There are just four simple steps:
1. Sign in to Google Groups.  If you don't have a Google account or don't know how
to sign in, visit the Google Groups find and join a group page.  Once you have logged in,
search for the TIELUG Group and send a request to join.

When you have joined our Google Groups, you will be on our email list, and you will begin
receiving information about our meetings, events, and other activities.
2. If you are on Facebook, you may also want to request to be added to the TIELUG FB page.
This is not a strict requirement, but that is where many people post photos of our events,
and you may miss them if you are not added to our Facebook Group.
3. Start attending our meetings and events!  Bring something you have built to show, along with
any questions and/or ideas you may have.  We'll see you there!
4. Pay your $ 10.00 Registration Fee and purchase your t‐shirt.
That's it, you're all set.

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